Car Specs

1969 Porsche 911 2.2S Targa to restore for sale
Current location: Eastern Spain
Chassis: 9110310083
Engine:Typ 911/53 – 1973 2.4S engine – Number: 6330513

Production date: 1969

History & current state

Here we have a good base to start a 911 restoration project.

This 911 2.2S has been modified throughout the years, as many did, to resemble more modern versions back in the day.

The car had its original engine swapped for a very sought-after 190hp 2.4S unit.

It then had most of its outer body parts changed to resemble a post-73 era look.

The car is complete, and makes a good starting point to make a great custom restoration of a pre-73 911.

Price: Sold

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