Car Specs

1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 4-speed Automatic California Coupé US-Spec
Current location: Eastern Spain
Production date: September 1969
VIN: 113.044-12-012524
Original color and hardtop/hubcap combination: White (050G) + white (050G)
Option Codes: 417 – Hardtop California
425 – Automatic Transmission
440 – Bumper with horn and rubber front and rear
461 – MPH speedo
491 – USA version
503 – Left rear view mirror
524 – Paintcoat preservation
533 – Interference suppresion without radio set
598 – Heat insulating glass
641 – Whitewall wheels (Phoenix)
669 – Spare tyre

History & current state


The car was restored few years ago. At some point in the history of the car, the block was removed and replaced by a 280SE block, which is identical in all its components to the 280SL. The cylinder head is from a 280SL.

The engine runs very smooth, since it has been overhauled recently, as well as the full rebuild of the automatic transmission. We have more than €9000 in service records to show for.


The bodywork is in great condition. It was fully restored some years ago, where the car changed colors to the current red/beige interior combination.
Judging from the front fenders, the car had a mild front collision, since some spot welds are missing closer to the front as well as the crests. However, this had to be very mild and was addressed properly in the restoration.
Though being a extremely solid car with no serious rust, the car has some light corrosion in the typical places of the Pagoda, such as the trunk and tiny spots on the bumpers (see pictures).


It was reupholstered to a brand new beige interior that looks incredibly well with the outer color of the car.

Price: Sold

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