Car Specs

1964 Mercedes-Benz 230SL 4-speed manual (Blue)
Current location: Eastern Spain
Production date: December 1964
VIN: 113.042-10-008976
Current engine:250 engine refurbished from factory (Tauschaggregat)
Original country of delivery:Germany (code 2)
Original color and softop combination: metallic medium blue + metallic medium blue, Soft-top + hard-top option.

1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL 4-speed manual (white)
Current location: Eastern Spain
Production date: July 1967
VIN: 113.043-10-003634
Current engine:Original 250SL typ M 129 III engine – number 129.982-10-001845
Original country of delivery:France (code 5, option 629)
Original color and softop combination: metallic red + metallic red, California coupe.

History & current state

Here we have 2 Pagodas to restore. These are a 230SL and a 250SL, both complete (missing parts on the pictures are kept in boxes), that were bought and running 10 years ago as project cars, but due to the economic crash and lack of time, are now up for sale at a very low price.


The cars were imported to Spain circa 2007.

The owner wanted to have a nice Pagoda back in the day and wanted Euro models to restore himself, as he owns a official car dealership with lots of staff.

Unfortunately, the crisis hits shortly after, and the cars have remained untouched ever since. The cars were running back then, but they haven’t been started ever since.


The blue 230SL seems to have its original paint judging from the color codes. The 250SL however, was resprayed from original red to white.
Both cars have rust in the wheel arches and some other classic spots in the Pagoda such as the trunk. Both cars need a good cleanup of the bodywork.
Both have the hardtops.


The door panels some other bits such as the central pad of the steering wheel are pretty damaged on the 230SL.
Both cars need interior refurbishing, but surprisingly, the seats and other usually worn items such as the dash leather are in pretty good shape, which lead us to think that they were redone sometime in the past.

These are restoration projects, and as such, they are priced very cheap for the current market state, specially with full restored examples fetching €150.000+ per unit.
We’d like to see them in their full glory again rather than chopped into spares.

Price: Sold

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